H&H Business Solutions, Inc. specializes in leading coachable small businesses with smart, easy to understand, comprehensive business advice. When the market changes, the RULES change. Most businesses are always a step or two behind, trying to catch up instead of getting ahead of where the market is going. A passion for helping others combined with the experience and savvy to understand and solve even complex problems quickly is the Company’s hallmark. Casey is relentless in the pursuit of Client success and, while very proud of the Company’s track record, she will not rest on laurels. It’s Casey’s desire to make a significant contribution to the art and science of how to grow companies and that requires continuously pushing the clients to greater heights. Accounting and bookkeeping functions help businesses manage their financial health, which is the foundation of any successful operation. But frequently, small- and medium-sized businesses struggle to find the right level of expertise that is proactive and responsive while also flexible enough to meet their budgetary needs.